Will updating my firmware stop my timelaps?

I have a time-laps running for a month but keep getting requests to update my firmware. Will an updating kill my time-laps?

Welcome to the Forum Community, @Grant837. I was curious about your question, so I ran a quick test.
I started a time lapse, let it run for a few minutes then upgraded firmware through the app - not the upgrade all. When the app finished upgrading the firmware I went back, checked the time lapse and it was still running. I stopped it and was successfully able to download and view it.
That being said, I make no representations since you are working on a month long time lapse and I do not want to be responsible for you losing all of that effort! :slight_smile:


Remnds me of the time we were unloading a cement mixer down a ramp off my pickup truck. Jokingly said, “What could possible go wrong.” As if on que, one of the wheels fell off!
Agree with @tomp, Don’t tempt fate. :worried:


Thanks all. Indeed, I think I will wait the 10 days before I update. Good to know it would like work, in case the need arises.



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I am going to chime in here also because I have done testing with this around this time last year. I will also call in @Bam did some time lapses where he turned the cam off at night so the time lapse would only run during the day. So I think @tomp test is valid. Although the old rule of if something can go wrong it will usually go wrong is there. Mainly I know you can power off the camera, in my case I unplugged it and it picked up the time lapse when I plugged it back in. I think @bam turned his off in the app. Neither of us updated firmware during it but @tomp test showed at least on this one it worked.


oddly enough I am also running a month long timelapse…as something messed up the one I did last year.

I would err on the side of caution and just turn the reminder off for now. @WyzeJasonJ is correct, you can schedule the cams to turn off ( such as during the night) and then set another schedule to turn back on and the timelapse will resume. I just can’t speak to doing a full update as it seems during the reboot that the camera however intermittent might loose the “heartbeat” and that may mess up the lapse.

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Hey all, indeed, it works to set a month long timelaps and turn the camera off at night! I did wait until between timelaps months to update the firmware however :wink: Thanks for you help.