Will the pan cam work in the U.K

Does anyone know if the pan cam will work on the U.K.’s 220V, using a U.K. plug? Is the camera dual voltage?

Any UK USB brick will work. The US charging brick can handle UK voltage but of course would need a UK plug configuration adapter so you might as well just use a UK one to begin with.

There’s a chance that you might run into WiFi issues in the UK.
The Wyze radio was designed and type-approved for operation in the US, where channels 1-11 are permitted (operation on channels 12-14 is prohibited in the US).

In the UK, channels 12 & 13 are allowed. If the UK-approved WiFi router that you are using happens to be operating on channel 12 or 13, the Wyze camera’s radio may not connect to it. Small chance you’d run into that. If you do, most WiFi base stations allow the user to specify what channel to use. Pick something between 1 and 11 if that turns out to be a problem.

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