Will the new socket work with V2 outdoor cams?

Will the new socket work with v2 outdoor cams?

Per Wyze…no.

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 10-17-31 Wyze Lamp Socket

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I see why not…thers no different

Probably firmware.


The new socket will not work with the V2. The V2 doesn’t have the spotlight/floodlight/socket control circuitry built in to it. The V3 is the only camera in the lineup ATM that can control those devices.

The V1 and V2 are now considered the red-headed stepchild so to speak…lOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Don’t expect much for the older revisions of cameras, Wyze is too busy looking for more products (crap) to sell over software/firmware development for older products :exclamation:

The V1 hasn’t had a firmware update since Jan 2020, but the V2 had one just two weeks ago. Unfortunately, a firmware update would not bring this capability to a V2 because it needs the updated hardware of a V3. So only a new product brought this to you. :wink:

Please explain the interface between the socket and V3 hardware involved, seems to me that it is more firmware than hardware control.

Both connect via USB to socket, does the V2 not use the same USB port hardware?

That’s due to it is not supported any more way 2 old

Thanks for the info. Appreciate the responses although not what I hoped.

Huh? It’s a USB port. Unless it is specifically designed to shut down power delivery for unexpected devices, it should provide power to ANY attached USB device…?

It might do that, but my understanding the light itself is controlled via the connection to the camera.

Oh, you know what, I somehow thought this was about using the spare USB port on the floodlight. Never mind. :frowning: