Will the new doorbell lens fog up like all the other wyze cameras?

I’ve found myself needing to replace numerous V3 cameras due to lens fogging issues. I’ve recently come across reports indicating that some OG owners are experiencing similar problems.

At present, I own an August V2 doorbell that’s been functioning well for nearly 7 years. The camera quality remains as excellent as it was on the day of purchase. It doesn’t offer 24/7 video recording or some of the other features that Wyze does. However, I’m not keen on having to replace doorbells biennially as has been the case with other Wyze Cameras.

I believe it’s high time for Wyze to take responsibility and extend their product coverage. While they may offer a 1-year warranty on some products, they should cover lens fogging issues that occur within 2-5 years and offer replacements.

It’s evident that Wyze hasn’t engaged a reliable independent lab for weatherproof testing, presumably to cut costs. I don’t encounter the same issues with any of my other outdoor cameras as I do with Wyze.

Wyze needs to acknowledge past issues and commit to customer satisfaction. If a lens fogs up in the future, they should stand by their product and offer a replacement beyond the 1 year.

They should also cover no sound issues and replace or refund your money. I bought two of the pan cams ves 2 at $45 each. Neither of them had any sound from the get go. Could not hear, could not speak. It did not beep when setting up. They would not respond to me to get them replaced. $90 plus down the drain. As i meeded sound. AND Now i have no sound through the android Wyze app on any Android device including android tablet. It does not have audio on live viewing and it disables all android audio where i am furced to shut phone or tablet off then restart everytime i try to use it. Resinstalling yhe app did nothing. It is the wyze app 3 or 4 updates ago. They do not respond to logs submitted. They need stand by their products, replace or refund a customers money and fix the issues. Lense fogging up would be a deal breaker. You can only use at certain times?

If you cannot hear and you cannot see, you have paid a lot of money for several white blocks. That is what i have. 7 expensive white blocks. It is pricey for a white block. There are sd issues, missing events, people being logged as motions. Packagr delivered rihjt in front of tye camera with paid prescription and it is flagged as motion even though it is activated in the app. I am finished with wyze. I am looking for a new system. I have a cheap doorbell that works better. I just wish it was a cam instead. :frowning:

Maybe I should dunk it water and upload a video about it. Could be cool to find out.