Wifi issues, moved camera outside with housing

My V2, latest firmware, camera was inside a window. I moved it outside, put it in a housing, and am using POE with the USB splitter/adapter USB Splitter

The camera powers on and I can view the feed but it constantly reconnects, times out, etc. I moved one of my ORBI Access points within 30 feet of the camera and power cycled. I’m still getting the same thing.

Is it possible that this is a power problem and not a wifi issue? How can I test to be sure?

Thank you.

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Hello @atostaine Welcome to the Forums!

You would want to use one continuous cable ( I had to make one), But you also need to make sure that the cable that is used is a USB Power cable only, not one that can carry data, the resistance of USB cables that carry data is higher and will degrade the signal beyond 5 meters. You also need to keep in mind that the more resistance that is put in place due to length, it will make the included power brick work harder to push out the power needed to run the camera and in the end may not be able to keep up and could die.

So What I did was I measured the voltage at the end of the USB cable from the Wyze Power adapter. After making my USB cable to the length I wanted, I would try out a power adapter that pushed out more amps than the Wyze power adapter and then would test at the end of the cable to ensure I was getting the power needed that was shown from the Wyze power adapter. 5V- 2A ( depending on the model you have)

That was my solution to a 50 Foot USB power cable run.
None of this is supported by Wyze, and if done improperly could damage your device,

Thank you for your reply. I’m not using a USB cable, I’m using POE. After I rebooted the POE hub and camera, it seems to be working fine. We had quite the rainstorm yesterday too. I haven’t had a chance to heat shrink some tubing over the POE splitter yet but it’s working so far.

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Sorry been a long day, you did say PoE, lol, I think im so tired I immediately was thinking Ethernet lol, and im like Wyze dosnt have Ethernet , Glad you got it going :slight_smile: