Wifi Extender Kills Wyze window/door sensors

I installed an extender and it works beautifully, but all the sensors go offline now. The cameras still work but the sensors do not. I reinstalled each one, 5 minutes later they go offline again. Wyze told me it is the extender system. Does anyone know of a sensor system that will work with an extender?

How are you connecting the hub to your network? Or if you’re still running the V1 since, how’s the connection of that V2 with the bridge doing? How is its connection?


It doesn’t matter what system or what version you are running - the cameras for Wyze work fine with an extender system, but they told me the sensors will not…no matter what you do!

Then you can use cheap WiFi APs that use the powerline protocol instead of an extender.
TP-Link - https://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-WPA4220-PowerLine-Network-Adapter-dp-B01LXOZ4EN/dp/B01LXOZ4EN/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
With that, you can add as many WiFi pieces as you need, with only 1 wired piece.

Yes it does. This is a user community, and if you provide us with the information we asked for, we can attempt to help you resolve your issue.

Just trying to help troubleshoot this issue with you like @IEatBeans mentioned. I’ve seen in the forums lots of folks have issues with extenders so I was trying to learn more about your use case and set up to help. If you want further assistance from the community here, help us by saying more about your issues and set up and use case and I think there’d be a number of folks that would jump in to assist.