Widgets for turning on/off, or turn on motion detection

The option to add quick widgets to your phone for turning on or off different features such as the power, or the motion detection that way it isn’t such a hassle to have to open the app whenever you want to do something quick…
But in an ideal world, there’d be the option for the wyze camera to detect whenever your phone has connected to the Wi-Fi, so let’s say you set the motion detection option on while you’re at work, as soon as you pull in the driveway and your phone picks up and connect to the wifi signal, the beacon sent by the router could also inform the wyze camera that the phone is connected and the camera would complete a pre-designated command of your choosing, whether that command would be turn off motion detection or turn off the camera or whatever, and vice versa for when it detects that the phone has left the Wi-Fi, it would turn on motion detection automatically so that you never have to think about it or actively set it manually…and with a big family, you could have the option to set it in the phone where only designated phones can auto-deactivate the motion detection, such as the mom or dad’s phone. Just an idea, I think it’d be amazing if that could be implemented. It is actually possible, as an IT guy myself, that’s very feasible, just takes a tiny bit of coding to get the feature just right. Hope you guys would consider it. Thanks.

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Geolocation is already covered here:
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Widgets are covered here:
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