Wi-Fi Quality - Cams To Support WMM QoS Specifications

Since Wyze Cams are Real time application (multimedia - Video/Voice)…So it’s essential that Wyze Cams (at least V3 which is continuous and HD) to support WMM QoS specification as client…

Such 802.11 physical layer standard will prioritize traffic generated from the Cam via the routers over other type of Wifi traffic, and will enhance the Wifi quality (not only strength), and packet drops, and will result in smooth stream

It’s not a new optional standard, so I don’t know how come Wyze didn’t implement this QoS:

WMM Access Category (least to top priority):
Best effort


Wi-Fi Multimedia, represented by the acronym WMM, is related to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WMM® programs. These optional certifications provide multimedia enhancements for Wi-Fi networks that improve the user experience for audio, video, and voice applications.

To benefit from WMM-Admission Control functionality, both the AP and client device need to be Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WMM-Admission Control. Any Wi-Fi CERTIFIED client devices in a WMM-Admission Control network that do not support WMM-Admission Control will operate as usual in WMM mode, but won’t use the access categories for which admission control is mandated by the AP.

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Also if your router enabled to support WMM QoS, and you have multimedia clients in your network that support WMM QoS, it will be prioritized over Wyze Cam Wi-Fi Traffic (clients doesn’t support WMM QoS, will be on Best Effort category), and for such, you will end up for Wyze Cam with Best Effort only (Least priority) and low quality stream (e.g. drop packets, delays,…etc.)…

I really wish WMM or QOS would work consistently. Every time I’ve tried using WMM or QOS dozens of devices (not Wyze specifically, but almost everything on my network) has problems. I have tried it with roughly 6 different routers (including high end mesh routers) and even with 1Gbps up and down Fiber (which I currently have) and QOS /WMM always causes more problems than it has ever solved or helped with.

I keep trying it because I love the idea behind it and wish it would work, but I can never get it to not cause problems to the entire network (including devices that given the highest priority). so I always end up having to turn it back off.

Regardless of any of that, if there is a specific protocol that Wyze could implement to ensure their devices will typically get higher priority, it seems reasonable to implement it, especially now that there is a push to have these be official home security devices. Security devices should definitely be able to claim priority on routers, so I support this…though I personally have yet to see WMM or QOS actually work well, it’s still something that should pretty obviously be implemented since it will help give it priority and make it work better.

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Some routers are better then others when it comes to QoS. To many QoS options leads to iuser configuration issues. But some users get the results they want with QoS.

What does the “there is a push to have these be official home security devices.” mean. The WEB is full of articles on how to defeat IR and PIR.

There are 3 cats in the neighborhood ; one black, one siamese seal point, and one ginger. My cam v3 can’t detect the ginger cat since it’s the same color as my retaining wall. But it does detect the other two.

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am not surre which routers you used, but am using Mesh Orbi RBK750 (wifi 6)…it works perfectly on WMM QOS…
Anyways, its pretty old standard, and any multimedia should support, and it should be up to end user to use it or not (disable or enable it on router)…

Without any QoS for such multimedia solutions, you will end up with bad experience (despite it’s WMM or other QoS ones)…I think so

I couldn’t find one for Orbi RBK750 mesh…If you found one, I would appreciate to share …
Seems Orbi are not that flexible as other vendors…