Why's Wyze Day On My Calendar?

I just found out that I have to get up at 9am EDT tomorrow for a 10am appointment. Guess I will go to bed at 1am. I hope there is stuff left when I finally get back in.

Sorry I couldn’t help.


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Saying they have had “overhyuping” this, is one big understatement.

They did position it as a new product, they did lead people to think its a new product and instead of position it more about awards and accomplishments if they are not going to introducing new product. They just made people disappointed, and killed the hype.

Starter kit is not a new product, and regardless what some may say, you are not going to buy multiple starter kits as most of people here have multiple products anyways. Wyze is as cheap as you can go”et, and when you compare it to the quality they offer, its better than any deal out there.

Will this be a great deal for new customers, absolutely! But it should have been positioned like that in a first place.

I still like Wyze, i am still going to buy more items as soon as they are released as they offer the best price/quality…will i consider to watch any future event, definitely not.

But at the end of the day, who cares what i have to say.

I just saved shipping costs, which I think is significant.


I don’t think they positioned it as a new product, they were giving hints on social media and it was clear it was not going to be a product launch. They said they were hoping for one but my guess is the outdoor cam, which I keep hearing is probably the next product since they still say it will happen this year, must not be quite ready. I would rather they get it right than launch a not for ready product and they felt they had to do something for the customers for their second birthday.


All in with the Wyze Day code, it’s $0.07 cheaper if you cart the individual items. Remove the $10 gift card and you save yourself $10.07.

Or am I missing something? :thinking:

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Yeah, but Wyze Day free shipping is a great opportunity to pick up a backup V2 and additional Motion Detector ($19.99 + 5.99) to qualify for free shipping.

Or a second Wyze Sense Starter Kit and an additional Motion detector if you want to add a second bridge and sensors to your system (also $19.99 + 5.99). They don’t sell the bridge by itself and some say a second bridge helps.

All depends on what you need and how much you want to add to your system. My problem is I have to hide my Wyze addiction from my wife.

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I should have said they did lead people to think it is a new product, and after they realized people were thinking its a new product they started shifting from that in order not to disappoint people …Dont get me wrong, I think Starter Kit is really good idea and it is designed to drive new customers but may not be that great deal for most existing customers. Unless they only have a single item which in most cases is probobly camera.

It should be about simplicity and convenience for new shopper, not everyone has time to go research and add 4 different products. Price point is good so it should help them drive new customer sales.

Only bad side is the way they are merchandising it. Instead of having it at $99 and have a one click shop, its $109, you have to add gift card to the cart, you have to fill out gift card, you cant see price until you enter all the CC info and try to check out…

@dmmatic, we care what you have to say. And we’re listening. Here is some messaging that is going out now:

From Dave, our Head of Marketing:

Hey everyone, we screwed up!

As stated, we were going to launch a great new product for Wyze Day (no, it wasn’t a scale). When that fell through, we decided to pull forward our starter bundle and run a deal on it all week. You would get the bundle and a $10 Wyze gift card for $99 with free shipping, a $10 discount.

All of us felt that was really weak, especially after we had hyped up something bigger happening on Wyze day. We wanted to give something more than just the starter bundle that users didn’t ask for. So we then decided to go big and also offer free shipping on orders over $25 for Wyze Day only (I know this might not seem big, but it’s actually super expensive for us).

Apparently we can’t do math, because when we launched both those deals on the same day, the free shipping deal made our starter pack deal look misleading. This was a terrible customer experience, and is literally the opposite of how we aspire to communicate with our users.

Here’s what we’re doing to fix it. We’re increasing the gift card amount to $15 in the starter pack bundle for the rest of the day. We will also go back and add an extra $5 to the gift card of everyone that has already purchased the bundle.

It’s still not a great experience, we know. We’re really sorry. Our only goal was to give back and celebrate Wyze users on Wyze Day, but we messed it up!


The rest of the day should be fun though. We hope you’ll join us tonight at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific for the Wyzies awards where we’ll be giving out over $6,000 to users and giving updates on products and projects in the works!


For the record, I think this is a great deal. I know that you guys operate on razor-thin profit margins as it is, which is why it’s never actually been possible to buy the $20 camera for $20, even at physical retail outlets. To the extent that people aren’t excited about the deal, perhaps it’s because the everyday pricing scheme is a bit misleading to begin with, but overall it’s probably smart marketing. It just probably makes it difficult to offer a deal that seems exciting, even when it should be.

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Not to many companies are going to admit something like this, at least not publicly…At the end of the day WYZE still kicks ass.