Why was this animal running toward my house?

That sure looks like one of @Antonius gang of raccoons.

But it would be racist to say they all look the same to me.

Might be, mine have been far and few between lately. I am waiting for them to show up with the youngest and newest members.

Can raccoons live inside the roof ( the space beneath a roof’s)?
The direction they walk…is my house. I wonder if they have made a hole somewhere on the roof and stay in the attic!?

Absolutely they can, and do that. Many live in chimnies and attics!

Chances are that they are just passing through though. They love to climb fences and go in holes, etc to cut through back yards and other property shortcuts. At my old house, I had several that would cut through my house/property, even ignoring the fences, etc. That is the most likely situation. But I did have a neighbor who had some in her chimney and another who had some in their attic/rafters in the garage.

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Many years ago I had a gang of them move into the crawl space under the house. They got in there through a broken foundation vent screen. When I thought they were all gone I replace the screen which only lasted one day because there was still one :raccoon: under the house, he ripped the stainless steel screen apart from the inside :astonished:. I finally had to trap the last one and fix the screen again. Now they just cross my yard nightly, go under the fence on the West side then come back and go across the street to their storm drain fort.

They sure can


Mayhem actor is really good in that role. Would be fun to see the audition screen tests of those he beat out. :slight_smile:

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Went separate ways?

Probably Racoon special forces…

1-“Under the car - Clear!”
2-“Copy that. I’ll go right, you go left!”