Why Use Roadmap?

The question of why some very high vote topics in the #roadmap have not gone into development has come up recently. This is a place to discuss that.

I assume you are referring to View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook) - #267 (actually the third highest vote total). I don’t speak for Wyze on this, but I can only assume that they have not yet convinced themselves that they can accomplish this in such a way as to maintain the stringent level of security that they desire. I do know that this is something that they actively discuss periodically.

I will also point out that several high-vote requests have been recently implemented and more are in testing. Several others are in the near term pipeline. Just because something is highly desired in the community doesn’t mean that Wyze will necessarily choose to implement it for a variety of reasons. Nonetheless, the votes in the #roadmap definitely play an important role in setting development priorities.


BTW, RTSP (the 2nd place #roadmap request) is in active development and it will allow one to stream to a browser using any of a number of RTSP compatible clients.


Some personal thoughts… In my experience (which may be different from yours), the level of user engagement and communication from Wyze with it’s customers is unprecedented for a hardware company. Unfortunately, that can raise expectations that they will be a complete open book. While (in my opinion) there is great user engagement, there are just some things that can not or will not be disclosed in development processes.


Thanks for the background. That really is a good idea to post updates based on the video in the relevant roadmap topics. Or even just a link to the video in each. I’ll see if we can get that done.


I have added a link to the video and a timestamp index to the related subject matter to each relevant #roadmap topic.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Why use Roadmap?

Think of this … Roadmap is alot like Santa Claus. You can ask for anything you want, but you are only going to get what Santa brings you … which explains why I never got a go-kart!

Also, voting in Roadmap is only a way for Wyze to gauge customers’ wants and wishes.

But it’s not a democracy. Highest vote tally doesn’t mean the suggestion is going to win and appear in the next firmware or app update.

Like fine wine, nothing will be released before “it’s time.”

I am amazed at Wyze’s openness to discuss and willingness to listen to what customes are thinking or wanting.

But I also don’t expect them to act on everything we want, no matter how badly we want it … although I’d love it if Wyze got me a go-kart. I’m just saying.


Similar feelings. Cam v2 is a $19.99 unit. No subscription fee. Functional. Sometimes our wishlist may be unrealistic for what we are paying for in terms of features and upgrades.


Excellent @todwatts !!!