Why not? 110/220 V

Dear someone knows why 100% of the products are not 110 / 220v?

Most of the wyze products run off of 5VDC, except for the items that connect to preexisting infrastructure in your house that uses a standard voltage (16-24 VAC in the case of the doorbell, 24VAC in the case of the thermostat, etc). In which case wyze is using some form of internal stepdown circuitry to convert from the existing voltage to 5VDC inside their products.

Since most Wyze products run off 5VDC using a wall wort, it is simple enough to replace the wall wort with one that meets your electrical needs for your situation. This means it is easy enough to use this product anywhere in the world, since there are 5VDC wall worts for every country and electricity grid. I can’t think of a more flexible solution that can be used anywhere. Heck, you can even run them off an external battery pack.

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On the end of the 5 VDC power adaptor (wall wort) it indicates 100-240 Volts. Other then the Wyze Floor Lamp which is 120 VAC 60 Hz, the products meet your specifiction.
Are there other product not 220 V ready?

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Which products are not 220v?

All Wyze USB power supplies are 110v/220v.