Why no "What's New" post for FW

I’m being notified to update my cams to, but when I click on What’s New there is no info for this version. What changed? Thanks!

This one: Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan Firmware Released! 11/15/19 - #2

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Gwen’s announcement doesn’t seem to have included the version number in the subject, but the link is above.

Assuming you are using a V2, here is the “what’s new” list for V4.9.5.36 (November 15, 2019). A button to this list should also show up when the app asks you if you want to update a camera:

  • Added support for Complete Motion Capture, an add-on service that will record to the cloud whenever there is motion. Free trial available after the upcoming 2.6 app update.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented motion detection, notifications, and local recording in some Wyze Cam v2s.
  • Bug fixes

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Thanks! That is not the link I get when clicking what’s new as mentioned above.

Sorry. It is the only link I know of. I don’t know where “What’s New” is located at.

I posted the base “what’s new” link, but I think they are referring to my mention that a button to the list should show up when the app asks you if you want to update a camera. I can’t check that ATM, as I have updated all my cameras.

The button the app is what I’m referring to. The button on the app, when asking if I wanted to update, didn’t go to the correct list. I waited to update and kept checking the button link. It finally went to the correct place. Problem is resolved.