Why no days of the week in Scheduling?

It doesn’t seem to have the days of the week when it comes to setting up a schedule so for example on weekends I don’t want the cameras on when they detect motion during the day but when I’m at work during the week I do want them on so why are there no days the scheduling?

Hello @demetri_j, If you go to the Shortcuts page and begin making a new Shortcut make sure to toggle the “automate” button > then press “automation” > after that click “time of day” > then set up the schedule in which you want the camera to turn on/off motion detection.

Edit: For more in depth control with these types of action you should look into IFTTT integration with the camera that will open you up to a lot more useful automations that can run using a scheduled or location based triggers (Location based triggers work better and more reliable on android than iOS but there are workarounds for iOS, like using Life360).

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