Why need to manually reset V2 some times not others

When there is a power failure or the cam is disconnected and moved (same wifi) the cam often requires a manual reset requiring physical access to the cam. This is a pain if the cam is located in a hard-to-access location. It is particularly difficult if the cam is outside and enclosed in a weatherproof after-market case which must be disassembled. Is there any way to reliably avoid the need to do a manual reset and why is this sometimes required and sometimes not? Thanks.

That is a perpetual question by some. My (and most) cams come back no problem, but some say they don’t. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen enough specifics in a reply when they don’t for the developers to understand why.

What router are you using?


The most common workaround solution is using a remotely controllable smart plug or other power control to physically turn the camera off and on again…