Why is WYZE upgrading my Cams every 3 days? SUSPICIOUS!a

Its getting RIDICULOUS…

About every 3-7 days when I go to see a Live Fed, Wyze is wanting to upgrade my Cams firmware

Like from version to

I’m getting VERY suspicious of Wyze and what they are doing with my Live video via these firmware upgrades.

Are they LISTENING into my family talking so their Servers can pick up words like “camping”… so they can then SELL MY INFO to companies that sell camping supplies???

Nooooo company should be upgrading their firmware 1) this often, and 2) in such small increments to 4.10.6.xxx

I want answers… I smell a rat. And I’m not the typical paranoided-type of person…but contemplating putting tape over the microphone to muffle it

Hi jimcornetet,

One of the best things about WYZE is that they do actually update the firmware on their devices regularly. Unlike a lot of the other manufacturers who seem to abandon products quickly.

An update has nothing to do with them prying into your security or privacy? I am curious how you got that impression. Updates are done to fix issues, add features and increase security.

In regards to the updates, you can click the link in the app to see what is happening or simply visit this public website for all their products to see what is been upgraded or changed.

While I definitely appreciate the vigilance in wanting your IOT devices to ensure your security and privacy (and WYZE has had issues in the past - 2019) in your home, what you are reacting to here is nothing to be suspicious about or smelly in any way.

Hope this helps.


Coming from a company that back in April was heavily marketing trying to sell me Masks and Gloves and Thermometers during the beginnings of Covid to generate REVENUE… $$$

Its as odd as my Netflix account trying to sell me Life Insurance…which they dont.

Is WYZE a Security Video Company… or a Sales and Marketing company?

Upgrading firmware ONCE A WEEK to fix issues? What issues? My Wyze cams have that many issues where they need to be addressed every WEEK?

Come on man…

wow, complaining about wyze updating and making the product better. they don’t often update weekly, and by the looks of it you’re way behind in updates.

I don’t see either or on the office firmware page

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Not complaining but more suspicious. These simple little camera cubes do a very simple function. There is no logical or technological sense why small increments in firmware are needed.

If a WiFi enabled Refrigerator was doing small incremental firmware updates, I’d be suspicious as well.

Guess the average Joe Lunchbox doesn’t even want to question letting technology companies “set up shop” in their own home.

I have an Alexa device and I know for certain that company has Servers listening in keywords…as the device is always at-the-ready for “Hey Alexa…” commands

I have a friend deep into IT… and this kind of phishing. When I asked him, “how deep does this stuff go phishing for info?”… he said, “you have no clue how deep”

I’m just raising a concern as to W H Y a simple video device is needing a great about of firmware updates.

@Ken.S are you not concerned about privacy in your own home?

no, I am not concerned…especially about Wyze

they update firmware to fix issues & bring new features, but like i said already, u appear to be not keeping up

Real simple, unplug them and put them in the trash. Seriously if you are that concerned then get rid of them. How is posting here going to address your concerns? If they were truly doing something nefarious do you think they would say so in an open forum?

As to update frequency, Wyze is more frequent than some and less frequent than others. But their update tempo is actually pretty typical. I have plugs, light bulbs, and even wall clocks that go through similar frequent update iterations.


@ jimcornetet

I think the responses to your post are correct for your situation. I would return or dispose of the equipment that is not working to your requirements as it does not appear that WYZE is a good fit for you.

Your ‘complaints’ are not related to the performance of the equipment, but more to your philosophies (which you are 100% entitled to) and beliefs about its operations. You have not provided any technical information as to how WYZE is violating any of your personally identifiable information (PII). If you would like to review it, here is how WYZE uses your data.

Privacy policy – Wyze.

In regards to masks and thermometers, WYZE partnered with a manufacturer to provide low cost items during the pandemic (an effort they clearly described as “IN RESPONSE”). You do not need to purchase these items, but they are available if you need them.

WYZE upgrades their products frequently. If you do not like this, there are other manufacturers for you to choose from.

Hope this helps. All the best!