Why is sharing so difficult

Purchased Wyze Pan Cam v3…actually 2…ran them both in house for a week and had no problem with sharing on Android and iPad …today installed one in front of house and followed directions to put it on my
Galaxy S22+ with no problem…when sharing on wife’s s22 it failed as well as my iPad. How do I share this app…do I need to go through all steps like initial install?? FYI…my s22+ and my iPad have same email…wife’s s22 email is different…I did share her email as told on app.
Help please

If they use the same login and password, then you only need to add the camera once to that account on one of the devices. Once installed on one device and login, then either restart the app on the device that uses the same account or refresh the home tab. Even your wife can use the same account login and password on her phone so you can both have access to the full features on the camera. Note you would also share notification settings so if they are enabled, all devices with that login would get notifications.

My wife and I do this with my main account. She wants access to local storage on our cameras, but doesn’t want the notifications. She then goes into the Wyze app settings on her iphone and disables the app notifications.

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If the various phones are logged into the same account, you don’t need to do anything special - all three of my devices log into the same account. If each phone (or some of them) are using different Wyze accounts, then a phone on the account that owns that camera needs to share with the other account or accounts. For the camera, go to the settings and part way down is sharing. Press the green + and follow the prompts. The person you shared with receive notification and have to accept it.

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