Why is my image upside down when my Wyze camera 3 is sitting right side up

Yesterday my Wyze Cam 3 was working with the image right side up. Later that night I was trying to figure out why my screen was black and was in the PRI motion detection in drawing a boundary and then realize today my image in the daytime is upside down. Not sure if what I did during the nighttime created that issue. Any ideas?

Wyze V3 or outdoor cam, V3 does not have PIR. Either way, go to app, open cam to live view, tap gear top right, go to advance setting, rotate image 180 degrees.

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Welcome to the forums! The “drawing a boundary”, do you mean a green box around motion? That’s “motion tagging”, and can be enabled or disabled in the “more” menu from live view.

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Thank you soooo much! Didn’t realize I toggle the 180 button to on. It was right under my nose as they say.