Why does the app ask this question?

When I add a camera, it will then ask me why am I using the camera core, baby monitor, indoor/outdoor monitoring, or other. Why is it asking me this because no matter what I say, there is no difference.

I also read somewhere that when you arm the system camera detects a person it will sound an alarm on the camera itself. Anyone else hear about this?

Has anyone ever gotten it to send you a critical alert, when you go to edit the Wyze Home Monitoring < security camera. I heard you are supposed to get an alert from your system and the camera has a critical state

It states the reason is to know WHICH trial plan to give you:


As I understand it, based on the answer they will decide whether it would be better for you to have a trial of cam plus or a trial for cam plus pro. I am assuming that in general, if you select Indoor Security, they give you Cam Plus Pro, and any other option gives you Cam Plus. The one exception may be if you have the HMS subscription on your account already, then Cam Plus Pro is incompatible with your HMS subscription, so then it will not (or at least should not) try to give you Cam Plus Pro as a trial and will instead give Cam Plus for that option as well.

If you are talking about the security cams listed in the HMS tab, then those do not [yet] trigger the alarm. They will create a sort of security event “alert” instead, which is different. Here are the FAQs about it:

Basically, when armed, a camera in the security tab will send a notification, but not trigger an alarm nor dispatch police unless a sensor is triggered.

Critical Alert is different from the above 2 items, and is for iOS only right now:

Basically it means it will send you a notification to your phone even if you have it on mute or do not disturb.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much.

What if you did not have the HMS system?

I can’t remember where, but I heard somewhere that the camera will trigger the alarm on the camera if it sees a person and you will receive a text. I’m not talking about the HMS system, but the security camera itself. I read that it would send you an alert and text just like the HMS system.

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I think that’s what cam plus pro is, if it detects a person while armed it will have a profession monitoring company watch the live view, and if it’s a real person they will text you. If you don’t answer they will send emergency services and sound an alarm on the cam.

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Can you use it that way if you don’t have the HMS system?

Where are the settings for that camera/24 seven monitoring?


The HMS is for motion/door sensors, like a typical alarm system. Cam plus pro is ONLY pro monitoring using facial recognition and a camera. I don’t have cam plus pro, but I believe once your signed up it’s just in the monitoring tab at the bottom.

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I think @carverofchoice could elaborate, I believe he has CPP

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Yes, Cam Plus Pro is the subscription/service where you can use just a camera as a full alarm system. Using an indoor camera to watch a room or doors/windows, when it is set to “armed” status in the app, if it detects a person then it will indeed trigger a full security alarm, have the monitoring company call you to confirm whether you need law enforcement dispatched, etc.

Cam Plus Pro is designed specifically to give a whole security system using only your Wyze camera.

Here are some helpful comparisons and explanations:


You can even go to this link https://prod.services.wyze.com/detail/campluspro and see more information and even select to start a free trial of Cam Plus Pro if you would like to see what it like (assuming you don’t currently have the HMS subscription…since the 2 are incompatible).


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Thanks. Do you know if you can add the keypad to arm/disarm the camera instead of having to get on your phone every time?

Also does facial recognition make a difference? Like if it is a certain person then the alarm will not go off?

At this time the keypad only works with HMS, not Cam Plus Pro.

The facial recognition will eventually work as you said, if it recognizes your face or other faces you tell it are okay, then it will not alarm when it sees those faces. I don’t believe that feature option is currently implemented, but that is intended to be released eventually.

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Ok. And when does the footage get sent to the monitoring company.?

Does it get sent after the alarm goes off? Do they review it then? Or do they review it before the alarm goes off and they decide if they should sound the alarm?

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The security company having access to the video is an upcoming feature as I understand it. It will only be available to them after an alarm is triggered, and only the relevant video (they shouldn’t have access to everything in the last 2 weeks. They will not be able to view anything when there is no alert. What happens is that an alarm goes off, the monitoring company will then be able to see the most recent videos to help them figure out if it is a real concern or not.

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With my experience, the person to text really been that good. If I just casually walk in front of it recognize me. I have to stop and staying there for a while for it to recognize me

I haven’t been paying attention to the emails. It’s facial recognition a recently new feature?

Can Plus Pro is reportedly running off a different AI engine from regular Can Plus, so you might find it recognizing people with higher accuracy, since indoor person detection is it’s focus.

The facial recognition is being called “Friendly Faces” and it is fairly new, but it hasn’t yet been fully implemented. It is a work in progress.

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