Cam Plus Pro Launches as an Invite-Only Service - 1/5/22

Today we’re launching Cam Plus Pro as an exclusive, invite-only service.

No more clunky sensors and keypads. Arm and secure your home with just your Wyze Cam, and gain all of the benefits of Cam Plus alongside our new Friendly Faces feature that detects people that are familiar to you. Starts at just $3.33/month when you pay annually!

Join the waitlist here, or check around to see if friends or community members have a spare invite:


@WyzeGwendolyn thanks for sharing


Details are on the Cam Plus Pro web page, link in 1st post. There is also a matrix summarizing the differences near the bottom of the web page.


I got it. Thanks

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FAQ is at bottom of web page. To summarize what CPP is, 1st FAQ question: How does Cam Plus Pro work?

Can this trigger alarm to scare off the intruder? If yes, which alarm? The one in the camera or is Wyze selling alarm separately?

Not sure, probably the cam’s built-in siren. CPP isn’t currently compatible with HMS.

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I saw it said “continuous recording” does that mean it is like having an se card except on the cloud like nest offers?

Wyze’s particle laser will be available 2nd quarter…

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I have no cams peering inside my home…

So, how would this work on a entrance from a basement window or any window ?

Just thinking out loud ???
Or did I miss something here ! "
Along with my “Invite” ??

Some feedback/feature request. I have no need for security monitoring, however the Friendly Faces feature is something I would like to see in the standard Cam Plus service. NestAware has that built in where it can identify faces and it’s something that can be easily added to Cam Plus since the functionality already exists.

Thank you for your consideration.

But then they couldn’t charge for it….

I don’t suppose anyone has a spare invite pretty please?

PS: @WyzeGwendolyn can you help a longtime Wyze supporter out?

/shameless begging over

Hello @WyzeGwendolyn, could you confirm if the Doorbell Pro will require CamPlus Pro for “Friendly Face Detection”? My Doorbell Pro is not detecting Friendly Faces. The basic Doorbell was detecting faces.

Thank you for all your communication.

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This sounds great though CamPlus is not consistently working…,

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Maybe it’s just not seeing friendly people. I’d evaluate my friends. I’m quite certain the technology is bulletproof…

what would particularly interest me here is if I could submit a group of existing pictures of a person with a rule for the professional monitoring service to call 911. This could give a couple of minutes better response time.

It should interface with Neuralink.

I’m pretty sure it uses Skynet 2.0 /s