Why does it take up to 30 seconds to be notified of movement..?

Why does it take up to 30 seconds to be notified of movement…? Can something be done to cut that to 10 seconds…?

The reason is because of the way it is handled currently. The way I believe it works is the cam detects motion, record 12 second video (now 12 seconds after initial motion), uploads video (now 13 to 15 seconds after initial motion), at this point you get the notification sent to you. So at best you are looking at 13-15 seconds before alert then add on any time for notification to arrive.

That is how I believe it works, if I am wrong hopefully someone will correct me.

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and on top of everything @WyzeJasonJ said. a lot of newer phones will restrict background data when the phone isn’t in use in order to save battery. so you might be having a really quiet day, no notifications, nothing of interest and then you pick up your phone to check Facebook and get a flood of 42 notifications from Wyze of all these things that happened during that “quiet period.” depending on the system you are using ( if you have that issue at some point too) you can “whitelist” the Wyze app so there is no background restriction for data. keep that in mind if you ever have large delays followed by a flood of notifications.