Why am I not showing an update to my cams

Everyone in the Facebook group shows an update to a cam from last week. Mine shows up to date and last update March 18th? What’s going on here? Or are people in the Facebook group just being slow updating their cams? Please advise. Thank you.

What version are you on? released March 18th but everyone on Facebook has a new version released just a few days ago.

What version of the Wyze App are you running? If it’s not the latest BETA version you won’t see the firmware update as it is also BETA.

Ok I’m not doing beta anything. I wonder why those other people have it though and they aren’t beta. is the most recent production version for those using the normal production app.

Ask them what version they’re on… /

If they are running beta firmware they have to using the Beta app. Even if they say they are not.