Whoa! What a product!

This product is by far the best value for money of anything I have ever bought. And I’ve been a consumer for 65 years. Congratulations to the Wyze Team for producing a low-cost, high quality product that sets the standard, in my opinion, for all others in this category. Set-up was a breeze and virtually instantaneous. I started with the V2 and immediately bought the Cam Pan when it was available. I’ll do the same whenever you roll out an exterior model. I’ve tried several competitors from the big box stores and nothing comes close to the Wyze in terms of bang for the buck. I stumbled across you in my relentless search for excellence. You are a well kept secret that needs a marketing push worthy of your creation.

Aww… Thank you so much! We’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying your Wyze Cams so much. Thanks for brightening our days with your enthusiastic support! :smiley: