If you had $200 in Wyze credit

If you had roughly $200 in Wyze credit and had to spend it all on either five Wyze 1080p Outdoor Cams or two Wyze 4K “Indoor” Cams that many would use outdoors regardless, which would you choose? Would your decision be based on the jackpot quantity of five versus two, or the zoom-in high quality of 4K versus 1080p? What about a Sense Starter Kit for $40 instead of $20 if it doubled the range of the sensors? Food for thought.

There’s arguably no way to know if the forum’s anecdotal evidence accurately suggests that the Wyze Cam Outdoor is Wyze’s most polarizing product to date. As with any product, however, some people will love it, some will feel it’s good and okay, and others will hate it. The bigger question is, does a product make more money if many people buy a product they love while those who think it’s good or hates it don’t buy it at all; or does a product make more money if many people buy a product they think is good or excellent while only those who hate it don’t buy it?

I’m asking this potentially rhetorical question in the consideration of whether Wyze customers are seeking absolutely cheap products versus relatively inexpensive ones. For such a customer-centric company, it would benefit all parties to learn whether Wyze and their customers are seeking the same or different side of this coin.

If Wyze had a 4K version of the V2, I would start buying those in a heartbeat - even if it was my own money. In the current version of the Outdoor cam, I would not buy any even with free Wyze credit.

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The price in store locally is 27.00 for a V2, 36.00 for a Pan , I’ve never priced a Wyze store camera with shipping from Wyze, but I can assume it’s about the same.

What to do with the $200 and what to expect and Why?:

I’d grab every V2 I could ( approx 6 ) and toss the balance on wall mounts and longer usb cables.

Because although the Pan can move and track better, the overall micro profile of just the V2 magnetically mounted to its Ring Washer gives far more chances of not being readily seen when hanging inverted upside down in a corner eve on the house…as compared to the hanging 9” Icicle that is easily spotted even if painted to match house.

Value for the money is my reasoning. The Wyze cams offer so many features that some I don’t even use. I needed a video witness for a camera, that’s all it was bought for ( all of them) and they do a great job with straight out of the box installations.

Yes there have been instances where not everything is perfect using them, MEH, I can live with that for what I got. Trust this statement:

I got the better deal investing in my WYZE cameras than they did making them, selling them to me.

I won’t disclose how many I have ( and had ) but daily for months now, have been buying Wyze Cams from about every type garage sale type app out there with alerts in listings. I gift them to people as well for various situations,

I’ll take every one I can get my hands on.