Who Spooked the critters?

Something spooked the :raccoon: :raccoon: At 02:58 AM they left my yard and went across the street over by the storm drain (Raccoon Village), they came back quickly and went to the backyard.

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Woah! Are you sure you aren’t watching Extra Terrestrials posing as Racoons?

In the first video by the truck, they seem to have vanished into thin air before ducking behind the bush! A portal to another dimension perhaps?

They went behind the White Rose bush and under the gate to the side yard. :grin:

I zoomed in at the very trail end. Because of the video quality, the edge of the bush isn’t distinct and they seem to vanish before the edge of the bush. :thinking: Second critter is much more pronounced.

I just watched it in 1/2 speed and the first guy on the left, went to the left between the back of the rose bush and front of the garage, the second one went under the front of my truck, past the front of the bush and made a sharp left to go under the gate.

Spooky in full speed zoomed in! I would still keep my tin foil hat and water cups handy!

:raccoon: #1 with the red car in the inside lane.
:raccoon: #2 with the blue car, outside lane and came in second :rofl:


Always making a mess, larger bowl required. :raccoon: :sweat_smile:

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