Who Maintains the WYZE Website?

This is more a question or suggestion, for Support, but since they have built-in such a good gate-keeping system to prevent or frustrate direct contact, here I am…

I visited their site with the intent of purchasing a few more cameras. I decided to check out the V-3 which is priced at $32.98. But, when reviewing the video they have, the price is stated at $23.99 - at that price I would have purchased 4 cameras. But a 40% price hike…?! Based on the reviews, it would appear the price increase has nothing to do with improved features.

So, I looked around some more. I found the Limited Edition Black Camera. The black version would be perfect for my intended use. So, I clicked on that. Nope - close, but no cigar. No way to add them to my cart.

My visit to their website was rather disappointing, and changed my perspective from ready-to-but to better check out my options further.

Wyze has operated on a razor thin margin, so like almost everything prices and availability have gone up and things have been more scarce. They recently raised prices across the board because of this. The video likely was made before the price change. BTW, if you have even a single CamPlus subscription, the price of the V3 drops to $28.98.
As for the V2 Black camera, that was a limited release in December 2019. They were only available for a short time. They were highly requested prior to the limited release, and have been since as well. I bought three and am using them in places where the black color is an advantage.

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this and the new price also includes free shipping…the original price did not

@philzzz u don’t want a v2 anyways…the v3 is much better

Hm…?? I came prepared to buy. But when I saw $10 dollar increase I decide I should check a little further. Then found the black version, and again was stymied. I figured if I gotta fight to purchase here, I might as well spend a bit more time and see what the competition offers. Which I wasn’t going to do. My point really is, they should update their website. Pretty simple editing.

Go by the site prices, not the video. Like @K6CCC pointed out, the product video is from a few months ago (feb2021) and that price shown was from that time. Although some Wyze team members do show up in here from time to time, this is mainly a user only forum. I’ll take your observation and send it up the chain to get some eyes on it. Thanks for the find!

I was aware of the limited release of the black version back a while ago - that’s why I was surprised to see it still listed. At the time, black wasn’t an advantage, but it sure is now. Obviously there’s a cost or supply issue, but they ought to offer black as an option for all their cameras. but with all the aftermarket options to transform WYZE cameras to black, there’s an obvious maret for them.

One of the reasons I like WYZE, is the no subscription aspect of their cameras. I have found their switching to a subscription based system kind of irritating. I’m sure they will eventually eliminate anything without a subscription - simply stop supporting them and let them fade away. At which point I’ll look into competitors or bite the bullet and hardwire.

FYI - I initially was going to make the suggestion directly, but that appeared to be an exercise in futility. I figured I’d post here, and maybe they’d see it and update their website. Of course, perhaps their website doesn’t generate enough sales to warrant keeping it up to date…??

I am sure displaying consistent and correct information is of high importance to limit customer confusion for Wyze. I packaged up a message and sent this info on so it can get some eyes on it to be addressed. Thanks for bringing up the observation!

The black cams were also available recently for purchase with the Wyze car. I bought a couple in April, I think. Availability has been on-again, off-again, but I think production has actually ended now, but no confirmation of that from Wyze. Maybe with all the cameras dying in the cars they’ll start building them again since the V3 won’t work for that purpose.

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