White bar appeared on Wyze Cam 3 pro video?

My Wyze Cam v3 Pro has a white bar on its video now… unsure why?

Any help appreciated

Are you able to check the video output differently such as from perhaps downloading (clarification: don’t use record as you want the video as its saved on the cam pre-streaming to the app) saved video from sd card and playing in another video app? If its still a problem that way then its originating from the cam and could be several things with one being failing hardware and the others being bugs (I’d suggest in this case that 90% or more of people most probably should just talk to support and not play around with things).

To me, based on the photo, half looks like an app or overlay issue and half looks like a cam issue. Its not the greatest thing to go on so you really should do more testing in some way like I state above to confirm. If someone after me just says it has to be something, I wouldn’t just go on that definitely being it. Multiple things can potentially produce the result you see here.

Thank you for the detailed reply.
I’ve noticed the coloured night vision is also effected and quite dark compared to what it use to look like.
I’m thinking of hardware resetting it to see if it still persists.

But yeah as you mentioned I’m leaning toward a hardware fault

Well I’ve reset the firmware (hold setup for 10sec) and setup the camera again.
Everything looks to be working again. :grimacing:
I feel like the firmware or something bugged out?!

Never seen this before and I own a few of the other cameras.
Thanks again for the suggestions!