White balance / ISO based on a specific area

When the night vision turns on I notice it gets pretty bright, then dims down. I have it under an over hang which is white and looks super bright until it dims. Is this using some sort of white balance or doing an average of the image?

Can this be adjusted in the app or on the camera itself?

If not I’d like to have a feature to adjust the brightness of the camera at night or a specific area of the image to avoid this.

What you’re thinking about is not white balance but rather, exposure. White balance is more tuned towards the rendition of colour in the scene based on the lighting being provided, not whether the scene has blown highlights or dark areas.
Exposure is what you are referring to, or perhaps the metering used to determine the proper exposure settings. In that case, I would assume they are using either centre weighted (biased towards middle while still taking entire frame into account) or matrix (average of the whole scene).
I don’t know of any IP camera that allows you to set a specific area of the scene as the one to measure and set the exposure to.
Adjusting the brightness will also affect areas of darkness.
There is a limitation and difference in what the human eye can see, in terms of bright/dark, compared to camera sensors.
Sometimes, the best thing you can do is move the camera to an area where it can get proper exposure, or adjust the view on the camera . Is that a possibility?

@beyondbetrayal, are you using the IR emitters with the night vision? If so, more than likely you are getting IR reflection from the white surfaces. This is also why I recommend people buy the black instead of white camera housings.

I could turn off the ir emitters and check. Either way it looks like a simple setting to adjust darker/lighter would be super easy to implement. Sure it will adjust the whole thing but if it’s an average, and the area you want to focus on is too dark that would be great. Moving a wall mounted camera to fix that seems like more work than sliding a bar on my phone