Is there some way to adjust the exposure level (or could that be added, hopefully soon)

I have both a Pan v1 and Cam v4 near the entrance to my home. Both are looking nearly the same direction. The Pan v1 is close to the middle of my front porch and has always mainly covered where my car is parked in the driveway in front of the house. I just added a new Cam v4 which is located at the edge of the porch away from the driveway and looks across the porch towards the driveway but the intention is mostly to cover the porch leading up to the front door.

Both work really well in daylight.

The Pan v1 works so-so at night (the far side of my car is lit by a streetlight mounted in my side yard). The near side of my car is pretty dark and too far for the IR to help; its easy to see motion and tell is someone is there, but not who. That’s what I’ve had for a couple of years. Better would be nice, but this is good enough.

I haven’t found a really great setting for the Cam v4 at night yet. Part of the problem is that the driveway is in the background and is well lit by the streetlight in the side yard. The Cam v4 seems to set exposure for the lit driveway, not the somewhat darker front porch which I am more interested in.

If a car comes up the street the headlights make the Cam v4 go dark for 30 seconds.

If the Cam v4 detects motion and the spotlight is on, the glare on the wall makes it go dark, but if the spotlight isn’t on its view of the porch is still too dark due to the brighter background. I’d really like to increase the exposure to better see the porch even if that means the driveway would be overexposed.