Where's my badge? 📛

Nice! I think that’s your second-best badge right now, with the first being the fact that you earned Power User TL3 organically, which few ever earn. :+1:

Some of these badges are really hard to get. There are a couple that are impossible (such as “First Reaction” since Wyze doesn’t do “reactions” and I can no longer get “New User of the Month” either. Then there are 3 Trust Level Badges that you don’t “earn” as much as it is a position (Admin & Staff, Wyze Team Member, and Forum Moderator badges). There is one “Community Spotlight” badge, but they haven’t used that since 2020, and I see my becoming a maven as my spotlight time, so if they did start it up again, I’d push for someone else to get it, including you.

But there are 3 badges it is POSSIBLE for me to get that I haven’t yet: Great Reply, Great Topic, and Great Share. I will probably get the "Great Reply badge sometime this year. I have 1 comment that is 2 likes away from hitting that mark, and then I’ll be the 11th person to earn it. I had another post that got close and stopped at 5 away from hitting it. I’m confident I’m nowhere near the other 2 though. Probably will never get them. I could potentially get the Great Share if I really tried for it. Not sure I’ll ever get the Great topic though. I rarely start topics in the public areas nowadays.

I think I’m tied for second most “Good Reply” Badges, and in “Nice Reply” badges. BUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT…I just checked, and I finally am no longer DOUBLED by Gwendolyn! They have 148 and I have 78 :joy: I finally passed the halfway mark to one of Gwendolyn’s legacies! I didn’t even realize that finally Gwendolyn is no longer double me!

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