Where to place outdoor camera?

I am looking to get outdoor cameras, Wyze if they released it in the next few days it or used Arlo if they dont.

So my question is where should I place my cameras so I cover all the angles (I have Nest doorbell)

  • Up front, should I place two cameras on the side of garage (Red Arrow) or one camera in the middle (Blue).
  • I dont have clear view with my nest camera so should I place one camera looking at my door (Yellow)
  • Or should I do something totally different?

All of the above. You need multiple cameras to protect each one. Otherwise they are easy to disrupt and steal.

So up front, above garage, I would need 3 (two red ones and blue in the middle)

With fixed cameras, that is what I would do. Just to get a proper field of coverage.

I have found the panning on the Pan Cam to be unreliable.

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