Where the hell did the notifications go?

Seriously, WYZE you’re a joke. I cannot recommend your products, and I cannot justify ever buying another product the way your products work. One day I’m getting 100 woody woodpecker notifications and the next day I get ZERO notifications from my cameras. Nothing has changed, this is across all devices, all cameras. It’s stupid.
It started spotty, got better for a couple months, and now I get NOTHING… seriously? NOTHING.
I can see all the events in the app, the settings haven’t changed, the app permissions haven’t changed. Everything shows as it should to continue to notify us on all our devices, but we went from 100 woody woodpecker sound notifications a day to nothing.
Products like these should never behave like this. Even if they aren’t perfect, they should continue to be RELIABLE at whatever they do, and the user can update or change that if they want to. You should NOT be able to organically break the products from your end as you continue to develop them without my interactions. I paid for a product to do a function, and you keep changing those functions.
You should be paying ME for your product development beta testing.
In fact, that sounds like a really reasonable thing for a court to decide. Hmm. I may look into that.

Do you and your wife use the same login username and password? Have you contacted Support about this issue? Any other troubleshooting that you’ve done in the last few months to fix this?

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Yes, we use the same login, and yes, I’ve contacted support. The funny thing is I have done NOTHING since I wrote this message and contacted support, but all of a sudden I started getting notifications for the first time after sending the support request.

Wow, it’s so crazy. I’m getting notifications, but only on one of the cameras. And it was ALL OF A SUDDEN after I sent a support request - WTH?

Lame product behavior. WYZE sucks.