Where is Wyze ‚live support‘?

Hello fellow Wyze customers…

I recall the early Wyze days when friendly support was promptly available.
Now, like many others here, I have an outdoor cam that stopped working, an order for more of those that I want to cancel, and the website auto functions ask me to PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT.

The support website promises:
Live support is available
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

How do we find this ‚live support‘ ? The only choice I get under ‚contact option‘ is sending an email. No phone number. No live chat. And we are well within their office hours…

So I sent an email and got the response i get every time from Wyze, due to ‚high support volume‘ it may take 72 hours to respond… previously when I tried email support, it took them 5 days to respond, and that was only to ask if I still have the problem.

Any tips and tricks to get support in a timely manner when you need it?


Hi @bayarnd and welcome back!

Yes, there is a problem with the Support S/W, they are aware of it and working on it. The Wyze Outdoor Camera is currently the ONLY option to get eMail support.

Whereas everything else get Live support: +1-206-339-9646,
M-F 5 AM - 6 PM PT & Sat 8 AM - 4 PM Pacific Time. . . During business you also get CHAT.

So Arnd30152, do you have an open support ticket? May we help you with the problem on the WOC?