Where is the chime HMS integration?

Wyze was promising chime integration with the HMS for awhile now. This would help solve the issue of low volume of the “siren” so it could be heard from different areas of a house. There have been no updates on this and it is not even in the roadmap section and they are doubling the price of the service.


Check out the latest from Wyze then read down to other posts in the thread topic. Doubt it is on the radar.

Thanks! I do hope it is on the radar. I guess I don’t get why the coding is so hard to implement since all the hardware is already available.

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Ahhh, that’s the catch. Wyze put all their eggs into the sales and product spectrum marketing basket and were too short sighted… Or short cash to realize their blind spot: Product Support. The developers and coders make the customer experience worthwhile with brilliant coding… Not the marketing folks who sell a bazillion units that don’t work any more. Wyze has to decide if they want quick cash sales or lifelong loyal customers. Without enough of right developers and coders on staff, it won’t matter how many units they sell when the hardware goes in the trash and we buy a competing brand. The hardware is only as good as the software that runs it. The founders lost sight of this. Right now, the coders and developers can’t keep up with the product growth.

I just came across this from Wyze. It appears they have to design a new chime for this to work, not just software.


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Yeah, there are actually many items on the Wishlist (links below), but only a couple in research phase. Found nothing in development or on the roadmap. The only way to get it elevated is if everyone votes for it on the Wishlist.