Where is SD Card

I set up the camera some time ago. My phone said the SD is full. So I tried to find the card but I don’t see where it is or where it would go. And now my phone says there is no SD card. The camera IS on and seems to be working although the video on the phone is upsidedown. And the live stream appears to show an SD card is present. I couldn’t find a diagram online or instructions that would show where the SD card is.

SD card goes into the bottom of the camera, not the phone. You won’t ever get an “SD card full” message from the camera because files are overwritten when the card is full.

SD card goes here:


Good diagram @None! I may pirate that for myself!
@mscheryl- he is correct about the cam overwriting the files. It uses a ’rolling’ pattern to overwrite the oldest files as the card fills. How long that gives you on the card depends on several factors like picture resolution (SD,HD,or 360), card size and continuous vs event recording.
The SD card you do have to purchase and install yourself. Wyze sells them but current wisdom is to use a High Endurance Card like this, which Wyze doesn’t offer yet.

The upside-down picture could be a setting under Settings/Advanced Settings/Rotate Image 180:

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For more info, there are some good support articles available. For example:

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I figured that was the card location but I probed a bit and didn’t find it. Now I have. I always have cards available so I couldn’t believe I didn’t insert one.
Rotate image was the solution. Thank you.
Now it is demanding to be set up again so …

I had to go through set up multiple times. I gave up. Then I unplugged from the camera as well as the outlet, waited a minute, tried one last time. Bingo. I’ll do that first next time.

Another recommendation on the card: since this is video, which constantly writes/overwrites the current recommendation is to use High Endurance Cards. Many types available!
More Info on High Endurance Cards here.

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