Do I need to resetup the cam if i install a SD card?

My cam v2 arrived yesterday and is working . All is good except for the notifications which is a different story. Now I need to install the SD card. Should I redo the setup? What’s the process to add SD card after the setup?

Just plug the card into the slot. You will here a double chime when it is recognized by the camera. I’d suggest reformatting it using the button in advanced settings after it is in the camera.

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Will do.thanks.

Ok did all that. It’s now recording permanently. The issue is that apparently it’s cropping the image to the upper left, I guess because of the lower resolution of the permanent recording compared to the live stream.
The problem is that I need the lower right of the image and don’t care much about the sky on the upper left. Is there a way to reframe or crop the recording image?
Obviously I can’t move my camera physically more than where it is to cover more in the lower right…
Does my question make sense?

How are your viewing the recording? With the playback button on your phone, or by removing and playing with a video player on a PC (for example with VLC)?

If you are playing back on your phone, are you sure you haven’t zoomed in and panned to the upper left?

The recording to the SD should be at least as good as what you see with live stream. At least that is my experience with the v1 and the previous app. I haven’t taken the card out of my newly received v2, but if I use the playback feature on the phone it looks that same as when I am watching live view.

I am using Android Wyze app 1.3.107 (Beta) and v2 firmware I guess I will need to eat my words. I just did a playback and when playing the video the first time, it appeared to be doing the same thing you describe. but then I tapped the “full screen” icon in the top right of the displayed video, and it switched to full screen mode and displayed the complete video frame. Then when I click back, it displayed the full frame reduced in size with the time slider underneath. I then restarted the app, and couldn’t reproduce it, so it is probably an intermittent issue that will probably be harder for Wyze to determine the cause. Without a consistent reproducer, finding bugs is hard.

What version of app and camera firmware are you using? Does clicking the full screen and back change the behavior for you?

Thanks for digging this further. I am not sure how it happened but yes I don’t see that issue any longer. As you say, it looks like an intermittent issue. Will keep an eye on it. Thanks again.

I’m having an issue with installing the sdcard on mine. I tried a bigger sdcard I bought from a third-party site. Installed it in the cam and the camera would not connect. Kept telling me to power cycle the camera but when I did it never connected. I took the sdcard out and it connected immediately. So, I figured it was just a bad card.

So I bought a 32 GB one from Wyze. Just tried putting it in and getting the same results. Camera will not connect to phone app. Remove the sdcard and everything is fine.

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I am having the same problem!Did you found any solution?

What exact issues are you having?

They are sending a replacement camera so I guess I’ll see if it was just something in the camera. Which I think would be the case since I have a few others with no problems.

I inserted the SD card when I received them and the Cam V2. Wyze Cam says there isn’t an SD installed. I Tried it again and I here the chimes but I keep getting the message, no SD Card installed.

Any advise

We are having the same problem too. We here the double chime but still does not recognize the SD card. Any advice??