Where is "Detection Zone' within the Wyze App?

Wyze App v2.40.0 (15) on IOS 16.4

I’ve been using the Wyze app to manage a handful of Wyze Cam v3 cameras ( for years. I tweaked the ‘Detection Zone’ for each camera to minimize events caused by superfluous movement. This worked perfectly for me.

A couple months ago, I noticed an order of magnitude increase in the thumbnail count within Events. When I went into the Wyze app, ‘Detection Zone’ was no longer available under Advanced Settings—This feature seems to have been removed from the app.

Am I correct? Was ‘Detection Zone’ removed as a feature some time in the past? If so, why"; if not, where is it; a/o what is the stand-in/workaround for this incredibly useful feature?

On the V3 the detection zone is not under the advanced settings, it is in the detection settings menu.


i am blind. eesh.

Thanks for posting this!