Where do deleted videos go?

When I select an event video for viewing, does the Wyze app go out to the cloud to pick it up? What happens to the video then, do you just view it and then if you want to view it again the app has to go back out to the cloud to get it again? Or is it stored on your device?

If it is stored on your device and then you delete it within the app, what happens to it? Does it go to some kind of trash can or recycle bin that you can empty from time to time? If so how do you empty it? I know it doesn’t go into the same trash bin that normal photos go when you delete them.

Just wondering if there is a trash bin somewhere that I should clean out from time to time to free up memory. My phone is a bare-bones Android 8 model with limited memory space.

Yes. Event videos are uploaded by the cam to your account on the server. When you click it, it is streaming the video to your App player and you are only viewing the video stream. It is not saving it to your phone.

It stays stored on the server for 14 days. You can view it as many times as necessary. If you need to save it for posterity, you can use the Download or Share buttons in the upper right to save it to your Default Gallery folder or send it to another App on your phone using the Share button.

It is only saved on you phone thru the Download button or if you use the Share button to send it to an app that saves on your phone.

If you download the video to your device and delete it, it will follow whatever delete protocols you have on your phone. To my knowledge, the standard Android OS does not employ a recycle bin. Some File Manager Apps do use recycle bins, some use trash cans, some don’t. It depends on both the version of OS you have and, if Android, the customized features and apps placed there by the hardware manufacturer upbuild. For example, I don’t use the default Android File Management system. I use a third party app that employs a Recycle Bin.

It either case, the video remains on the server for 14 days unless you delete the video from the Events Tab within the App.

Note that this applies to the Events tab videos. If you are recording to an SD card inside the cam, it will only save to your phone gallery when you press the Record button.