If I delete videos from my app, do they also get deleted from the Wyze cloud storage?

I have SD cards in my two cameras but not in my third, I can’t figure out if I delete a video from my app… does it also delete from the Wyze cloud storage?
2nd question I clicked save video to the gallery on one of my videos and then I went to the gallery and it says no videos found. I would really like the answer to both of these questions… thank you

No. The videos you view on SD card are entirely separate. If you go to Playback, Album, Manual Recording, and delete something, that’s just deleted from your phone.

The cloud videos exist only there, on a Wyze server. If you go to view them on the Events tab and delete a video, it’s gone.

I don’t have an answer for your second question.


I use android and I have run into this quite often over the years. not just with Wyze. sometimes when the new file is loaded into your gallery the system doesn’t refresh for whatever reason. I think this is what is happening to you. you have 3 options to try.

  1. restart your phone. restarting your phone will force the phone to rescan all the media on the phone and thus refresh your gallery…but thats silly and time consuming. but still an option.

  2. you can download a file explorer and find where the file is actually downloaded to and click on it there, but this is often very tedious depending on the save structure of your device.

  3. probably the easiest option. go to your app store and find any app that does media scanning. oddly enough they are usually titled as that in some form. when and if something doesn’t show up in your gallery just open this media scan app and run a scan and it SHOULD show up if that is what is happening. a quick search of the app store gave me these results but find what would work best for you as I am not of the fruity persuasion and avoid it’s use at all costs.

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