Clips still save to phone even with SD card

I have an SD card on my cameras but I find it super annoying that clips still save to my phone after I view them, i’m on Android, iPhone app does NOT do this. PLEASE bring this to Android app, I had nearly 2k clips saved to my phone overnight somehow.

get a good automatic cache clearing app. I can’t remember which one I have on my phone, but I don’t have that issue anymore.

We’ve been asking for this for - at least - the year I’ve had Wyze cams. Random still shots, videos, just show up.

And, as you can see, the burden of a workaround is placed on the user (get an app, delete them daile=y, etc), instead of Wyze.

Hmmmm. On Android 10 and don’t see this issue.

Your screenshot - what is that a shot of?

Depends on who made your phone. I know Samsung phones have this across all OSs, and my Note 9 was on Android 9, and then Android 10, and the Samsung Gallery would get filled with this.

Have “what”?

I’m also on Android 10, Samsung S10

Yup! I’m on Android 10, Samsung S10.

Wow… really? “Have” the issue described in the OP.

its not a Wyze issue as much as it is a OS issue thats why you have the varies for who does and does not have it. some phones have an overlay of android that saves more media cache and shows up in the gallery due to how the media scan is done for that phone ( how and how often)

I have a galaxy S20 with Android 10 and after the last app update I have a new folder called “dashTemp” that has pictures, sound bites and videos. All together take up from 50mb to 100mb. I deleted it, but they come back when opening the app. Also I have a good many empty folders that never seem to be used. On the topic of videos staying on my phone after watching them it happened on my S7, S9 and now on my S20. All with different OS’s. Also after looking at live shots one or two home screen pictures seem to not completely overwrite the old ones causing a half picture that starts filling the “last image” folder.