Where can I get only the rubber protective sheath that goes between the connection?

Where can I get only the rubber protective sheath that goes between the connection?
Ya know that rectangle rugger grommet type thing that keeps water out where two cables connect to each other.

I’m not aware of that availability as a separate part, but the manufacturer of other cameras that I use recommends wrapping wire connections in butyl rubber:

Depending on your application, I imagine you could also use heat shrink tubing over the connection.

I use self fusing silicone tape. Easy on and easy off if required. Water proof.

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I have a scanner antenna on the roof. Where the connection is, I first used one layer of Super 88 tape with the adhesive facing out. Then I ran another layer with the adhesive facing in. This is industry practice in telecom. They like to put a layer of Coax Seal over all that but I didn’t have enough room.

3d printed a bunch a few days ago they fit snuggly and work better than the originals. if you want some I can make some and mail them to you. I used shrink tube it keeps the wire together better and water tight I always suggest if you install them outdoors make sure to use drip loops.

Used this for antenna connections.

Rescue Tape Bond It , Self-Fusing Silicone Tape, Emergency Plumbing Pipe & Radiator Hose Repair, Electrical Insulation, Military Std, 1"x12’, Black https://a.co/d/8505A18

I’m new to additive manufacturing but have enjoyed learning about it and doing some projects recently. My local library offers free classes and access to their maker space with four different printers (among other things). Using the printers costs just my time and a per-gram filament fee.

I don’t have a specific need for something like this right now, but I’m curious: Did you design the couplers yourself or use a model you found online?

I used shaper3d and measured the ones from wyze using a caliper the only change I made was on the side that feeds the camera I made longer by about an inch and then tapered it back into the wire so there was no lip or flat area for water to sit and potentially get into the connection it’s small things likely was not an issue but I was making some for use with a different camera I was setting up at my mom’s that had the same sort of pigtail from the camera

Groovy. Thanks for the reply!