Solar Panel for Outdoor Cam

How do you connect the Cam Outdoor to the Solar Panel without the connection getting wet?

The cable which comes with the Solar Panel should have a sleeve to protect the point of entry to the camera.
I would advise use electrical tape to wrap the connector. That’s the easiest & most cost-effective.


As mentioned, wrapping with electrical tape is a good idea. I did mine in a figure eight so that the connection was also pulled together so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the connector coming apart as I was having issues when it was in sunlight.

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An old electrician showed me how to wrap a connection with electrical tape and not leave the gooey residue on the connection if it needs to be removed.

He put the tape on with the sticky side out, and then went back over with the sticky side in like normal.

Found out on radio reference that is the approved method to seal a coax connection (in addition to using coax seal)

Best electrical tape is 3M Super 88. I have held a BIC lighter to it and it holds up pretty well.
Next best tape is 3M Super 33+.