Attaching power cables to brick

I have three V3s coming in hopefully this week and was wondering if anyone had experience or a plan on how to secure the power cables to brick. I’m planning to try the 3M strips first to secure the actual camera since it’ll be on metal or siding but not sure about making the actual cable look good.

I’m using Gorilla tape until the temp rises enough to use a 3m square, that should work. But it has to be above 0c to try, so it might be a while. As far as the cable, same thing I use for Xmas lights, outdoor 3m clips.

I like the clips. I hadn’t seen those. You’ll use a 3M square instead of the 3M tape that’s included with the camera?

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Honestly it’s up to you, the ring is good stuff, I happen to want to do something a little different, and didn’t plan on using the metal disc, so that’s why I’m getting a different 3m product to mount mine.
I found this video in another post, maybe it could be helpful to you.