When doing a firmware update, what does the "Don't ask again" checkbox actually do?

When I open the camera from my app it says there’s a firmware update for the camera. Does checking the “Don’t ask again” checkbox automatically update firmware without asking? Or does it stop asking and lock it in to the current version? This is ambiguous.

I prefer that they always keep updated automatically.

Thank you!

No, that check-box keeps the app from asking again if want to update the camera. Firmware updates must be initiated manually by you, they are not automatic.

I could be wrong, but I think it only stops asking for that particular version? @DreadPirateRush, do you know for sure?

If a new version becomes available, then yes, it will ask again for that newer version firmware. It occurs more frequently after updating to a newer version of the app.


Thanks @DreadPirateRush! Can we make this a feature request to remove the ambiguity in the UI around this checkbox?

We can mention it to Wyze to take a look at the message to possibly make it clearer.

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