What to do if my cats misplaced parts for Doorbell bypass?

So, I got my Wyze Video Doorbell (VDB) and took it out and started to set it up, but then found my breakers didn’t label which one was for the Doorbell, and my wife needed power at the time, and then I saw that I will have to add wiring on the outside because the wire was too short and the door would hit the VDB if we placed it where the wiring would reach. So I set everything aside until I could address those 2 issues.

Now parts for the VDB disappeared off my desk. The little plastic package that included the extension wires, wire caps, fuse, and all that stuff. I am pretty sure one of my cats (we have 4) started swatting it around the house. Regardless, I have searched for that plastic bag for hours and just can’t find it anywhere (still have the chime and VDB themselves, just not the rest of the stuff. ARGH!

Any suggestions about how to rig a bypass without having Wyze’s included bypass package? Cheap replacements?

I thought this was going to be about ways to punish the cats, but I suppose you’re right, they’ll just poop in retaliation.

Seriously you could likely use any old wire of reasonable thickness and pick up a fuse (and at these power levels electrical tape can probably suffice instead of nuts). But I really don’t know anything about the doorbell installation.

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I don’t necessarily have any installation advice. However, I can say from experience, once you get substitute parts and get it all installed, that’s when the little bag with the original parts will turn up. :grinning:


All that stuff is available from your local hardware store, automotive parts place or the local Amateur Radio Operator. If you do purchase the items, please keep your receipt. Undoubtably the feline felons will note your purchase and produce the plastic bag of tricks. :smile_cat:

Think of getting a Cat Cam to protect your desk. Who knows what they’re up to at night :grin:


Hmmm…all of you are right. Perhaps a mixture of all of the above…buy a fuse, a bit of wire (maybe spare wire if I find any), just use electrical tape…then after it’s fixed, magically find the lost included materials because that’s just how it works… (maybe put those on later).

Find some way to pseudo-punish the cats (ethically and without upsetting my wife & daughter…well, I love the cats too, so myself included)

And I do have a camera in my office watching my desk, but I was stupid enough to turn off camplus temporarily for a few days while our internet was lagging, so I’d have to review SD card footage (big pain) for 4 days worth of footage (because the spot where that was sitting, was hidden behind another object, so I can’t skip around to easily narrow down when it happened). Sigh Go figure.

Thanks guys.

Also, what kind of fuse do I need to get? I didn’t see anything about the specs of the fuse…anyone know what’s needed?

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I would hit support up and get the feeling they would just mail them out to you gratis. I could be wrong, but that is what great companies do.

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for several months I didn’t even use the fuse, I just had the wires in the chime box wire nutted, but I did eventually add the fuse. I googled the part # but didn’t find much

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@isamt says is correct, doesn.t hurt to try. Based on the info from install, doorbell requires a voltage of 16V at 10VA (0.625A) so a 1 ampere fuse should work fine.
Here is the link: (https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048936691-Wyze-Video-Doorbell-Installation-Guide)

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Hmmm @Ken.S Don’t think the HW store will have those. I’d ask Wyze for a replacement.
Automotive part store have Mini ATC Fuse but you’d have to solder wires of find an in-line adapt.
(FLAT PAK Fuses - Littelfuse)

Thanks to everyone who replied in this thread. they were all excellent and valuable responses, seriously, I REALLY appreciated them.

Just to update: I did decide I’d give support a try and see if I could offer to pay for the few missing pieces. Afterall, I still had all the expensive important pieces totally unused. I was totally upfront with support from the very beginning of the call that it was 100% my fault for losing pieces, that I don’t blame them, and I was totally willing to pay for the missing pieces to be shipped out to me if that was even a possibility before I attempted to jury-rig a solution myself.

Support told me they didn’t have individual separate pieces they could let me purchase or use, but they think there is something they can do to get some through some special replacements department or something. They contacted someone in another department, made a support ticket and had me send a picture of the pieces I still had (Chime, VDB, & Wedge) and said they would be sending me a replacement at no cost.

They were unclear whether that means they are sending me just the missing pieces, or sending a whole new product and if so, whether they would have me return the pieces I had, or what was going on exactly. I only know they said they would send stuff to me, and at no cost, despite it being 100% my fault, and me totally owning that right from the beginning of the call.

I don’t think anyone can make a realistic case that that isn’t absolutely amazing customer service. @isamt had feelings that were totally right, they are going to mail stuff to me gratis because that’s what great companies do…even with an absolute confession from the customer admitting they are the one totally at fault. Pretty dang cool.


Proof that Wyze support exists :grin:


It’s great to see a positive story about Wyze support. Like all forums, all that usually gets reported are the horror stories.


Good to hear. My only misgiving is the cat still got away with it.

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