What to do after Cam Plus promotion expires

When I received two pre-ordered V3s and reset an older V2 I got a free trial for CAM Plus. Though I liked it, I decided to not subscribe and go back to my normal “Personal Detection” subscription I pay for that covers all my cams.

When I look at the two V3s and the re-set V2, I do not have the option to select “Wyze AI Events” like on my other four V2s. If it helps, I access this feature for each camera through “Settings gear” → “Notifications” and see the following for my older cameras “Notifications”, “Wyze AI Events” “All Other Motion Events” and “Sound Events”. On the newer V3s I only see “Notifications”, “Motion Events” and “Sound Events”.

Since my subscription is " Person Detection Only w/12-sec Cloud Video, Monthly subscriptions for unlimited cameras." why can’t I see my new cameras now that Cam Plus has expired?

Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to the forums! The legacy person detection, or the pay what your want person detection is only for the V2s and pancams. Is the reset v2 selected in the person detection pilot in services?

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So if I want any type of person detection for the V3s I need to pay for the Cam Plus? Ugh, I guess I missed that when I purchased them.

The re-set V2 now shows the Wyze AI events in the menu. I guess the Cam Plus had not expired yesterday when I checked it.

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Yep, camplus it is. The legacy person detection was only offered for what was available at the time, and those were the v2 and pans. Good to hear it showed up in the other v2!