What time zone do the "Rules" follow if the devices are in Central time and I am in the Eastern time zone with the Wyze app on my phome?

I set my rules for a number of devices when I am in Minnesota in Central Time but I winter in Florida in the Eastern time zone. What time should the rules be set to so that I can get them working when I want?

Last year I had a lot of trouble with that, any tips?

Thank you kindly.

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I have not personally verified this, so don’t take any of this as canon…(plus I am not a Wyze employee or anything), so a lot of this just speculation and what I understand from what I read someone else say they found to be the case…but others have told me that the rules tend to run based on the time zone the app recently logged in under. Therefore, when you go to Florida, it likely everything will switch to run on EST instead of CST since you’ll be logging into your app there.

However, some things may be synced differently, for example, if you synced the camera timezone while in CST, then some of their stuff may continue to show or work in CST, especially if some of the devices have internal rules, maybe like the floodlight cam or something.

I haven’t really tested this out, though I should have 2 months ago while I was in Hawaii. I just didn’t think about it. I am guessing though, that for the most part, Wyze will run most stuff based on the time zone of where the Wyze account was last updated. So if you log into your phone while in EST, then your Wyze account will update to EST and run everything based on EST. That’s what I believe happens from what I’ve read from others. I could be wrong though. Hopefully someone who’s tested this first hand can report their findings.

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I’m located in California and all of mine are on pacific time ,my house in Montana I set them up on location and there on mountain time,it goes by your device that your useing to set them up,if I want to update the mountain time I change the time in my phone and it thinks I’m there