Traveling to different time zone

Can anyone share their experience on how traveling to a different time zone affected their Wyze cams (i.e. spotlight/floodlight schedules, event time stamps) and Rules?

I’m planning trips that would be in different time zones and wondering if allowing my iPhone to automatically change to a new time zone would mess things up.


Never noticed an issue when I travled to Europe or Middle East.

Just would not hit sync clocks on app, if that even matters.

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Thanks! Did you notice if the Wyze Rules run based the time zone they were set up in or the phone’s current time?

I have a lot of automations set up in Rules.

I do not see anything in my rules section.

I do use rules to turn off my V2 cams since they cannot see well in the dark with IR off.

V3 cams perform great in the dark. Most of my cams are behind glass windows.