What the heck is the "WyzePlatformKit" ? Directory

That darn directory took up 17+ GB of my Amazon Fire 10 device, and is sucking up 300 MB on my Samsung J3.
It WAS full of log files, looked like 1 per day, but some were huge.
/edit - and the huge ones were recent


Whoa! I’m glad you mentioned this because my phone just told me I’m running low on space and it looks like I have over 2GB of log files in the WyzePlatformKit directory. Several individual log files from last week are over 100MB.

From the level of detail in the logs it looks like they’re debug logs for the app. Possibly something that was enabled in the Beta version? That’s the only version I’m running so I can’t compare with the stable release.

Same here.

That directory has aggregated my best member pix and the logs remark disparagingly about them. Bad, bad Wyze. MYOB. :wink:

I’m not running Beta and just checked my my log files, they are pretty large too. Each one is anywhere from 20mb to 45mb, several for each day I have used it.

It would be nice if the app could be marked as movable when compiled. Then the memory space doesn’t matter so much… (My Android OS v7.0 won’t let me "combine the internal and external memory into one…)

Well my Samsung J3 (16Mb, usually about 3 free) kept running out of memory when I was doing time lapse back in March so I bought a Fire 10 w/32Gb.
Recently trying to test the beta time-lapse I found myself running out of memory so I moved all the time lapse results a few days ago and had about 18Gb free. So I was surprised this morning to see my system short on storage,
And trying to read the logs it looks like they are half in what looks like Chinese.

Message to Wyze - I realize you probably have a reason for storing all those logs, but darn it tell us.
/edit - just checked - I now have 19GB free.

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What the heck is this for ? I have 12 of them , @WyzeGwendolyn
Jun 13 is 324 MB , Jun 14 is 245 MB
I’m on v2.3.69 app

I wonder if this is the reason that when I send support a request , Gmail tells me that the file is over 25 megabytes , it never use to do that

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Maybe this is an effort to get us to buy new devices with more memory! :wink:
If this is on NON-beta also I can envision MANY people having phone problems,

I mean, a Gig here, a Gig there and pretty soon it adds up!

Yeah the good news is I was able to delete the older logs and app still runs just fine. But anyone that doesn’t know its collecting that much in memory and doesn’t clear it out every so often in gonna be running pretty full and sluggish!

Thanks for letting us know! I’ll send this over to the team. Could you all please send in logs through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue? I’d like to get those to the devs.

Should we select a camera or not applicable or does it matter ?

I don’t believe it will matter but you may as well select one just in case. :slight_smile:

WyzePlatformKit is a couple of libraries we are using for development. I will let the dev team check the log generate and clean mechanism. Thank you for letting us know!


Sent Ticket 252970

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Thank you, HDRock! :slight_smile:

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The log file size issue has been fixed, the fix will launched with the upcoming official release.


Will that affect Beta also?
/edit - and I just checked, I’ve 2 more logs one of 985Mb, one of 1.34Gb

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I have 2 on my phone and one file size is in the kb. The other is 15 mb. I’ve had stable firmware installed. I’ve had these camera on my phone for over a year without doing any space cleanup. 256gig phone though, so I never looked for file sizes.

Well this may only be on Beta, but right now the directory is using 5.31 GB of space.