Tutklog folder balloons in size to consume my device

Anyone have any idea what tutklog folder is? It balloons in size and fills my device. It seem to contain some sort of log files. Can i disable this “feature”?

I am running firetablet and wyzebeta sideloaded.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Can you please submit a log for us and let me know the number it generates?

Edit: Please also let me know the app and firmware version you’re running on your devices! :slight_smile:

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link to howto on this procedure?

btw, i manually deleted the folder to free up space.

I run latest firmware…
wyzebeta 2.10.32

This is has been present even back when you guys worked with that other AI company on people detection. I just thought it would go away. it did not…

BTW, this consumes my firetablet device, not the camera.

Nevermind. found it.

ticket #: 7190

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